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Stop by our Garden Center on Rt. 27 in Natick for all of your landscaping needs. You'll find potted annuals, mulch, loam, seed and tons of plants and trees. We deliver! Call us at 508-655-5134.

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Landscape Materials
Hemlock Mulch
Basic Pine Mulch
Dark Pine Mulch
Screened Loam
Brick Sand
3/4 Stone
Nursery Inventory
Family Name
Abies - (Fir) White Fir 6-7
Acer - (Maple) Japanese
Red Sunset
Andromeda Brower's Beauty
Japanese Mountain Fire
Arborvitae Emerald Green 6-7
Emerald Green 7'-8'
Emerald Green 9'-10'
Aronia - (Chokeberry) Brilliant Red
Azalea Compact Korean
Girards Hot Shot
Girards Rose
Gumpo Pink
Gumpo White 18"-24"
Gumpo White 24"-30"
Linwood Pink
Pink Discovery
Pleasant White
Betula - Birch River Birch
Boxwood Common
Winter Gem
Cornus - (Dogwood) Cloud Nine
Red Twigged
Variegated Red Twig
Enkianthus Redvein
Fothergilla Mount Airy
Hamamelis Witchhazel
Hibiscus - (Rose of Sharon) Helene
Hydrangea Endless Summer
Blue Lacecap
Ilex - (Holly) Blue Princess 2-2.5"
Blue Princess 2.25'-3'
Blue Princess 3'-3.5'
Compact Inkberry
Juniper Blue Rug
Witchita Blue 7-8'
Kalmia Mountain Laurel
Ligustrum - (Privet) Ibolium
Lilac Common
Miss Kim
Malus - (Crabapple) Donald Wyman Flowering
Indian Summer
Physocarpus - (Ninebark) Diablo
Pinus - (Pine) Curtis Dwarf
White 6'-7'
White 7'-8'
White 9'-10'
Prunus - (Cherry, Plum) Double Weeping Flowering Cherry
Kwanzan Flowering Cherry
Okame Cherry
Purpleleaf Sandcherry
Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry
Rhododendron Chionoides
English Roseum
Lee's Dark Purple
Nova Zembla
Western Pink
Rose Flower Carpet
Spirea Gold Flame
Gold Mound
Little Princess
Neon Flash
Spruce Colorado Blue 5'-6'
Colorado Blue 6'-7'
Taxus - (Yew) Densiformis
Hick's Upright (Hicksii)
Pyramidal (Capitat)
Tsunga - (Hemlock) Canadian Hemlock 7'-8'
Viburnum Burkwood
Landscape Professionals: Please visit us or call the garden center for wholesale prices.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not always have everything on our Nursery Inventory list in stock.

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